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22KM woman came to work in the hotel on foot, couple gave such a gift, tears came out


A female waiter from Galveston, Texas, was gifted a car by one of her couple customers. Just because this woman used to walk 22 kilometers every day for her work. This woman was saving some money from her salary to get a car. As soon as this couple came to know about this, they themselves brought in a car gift for this woman.

This woman named Adriana Edwards worked in American restaurant chain Denny (Denny) Does. She used to walk more than 14 miles i.e. 22 kilometers on foot, in which she had a time of 5 hours daily. Seemed.

But one day this couple came to know about Adriana. Then both went to an auto showroom in Galveston and bought a new car for this lady. After purchasing the car, the two again came to the restaurant and surprised Adriana.

This couple gifted the woman a Nissan Sentra car. After getting the car, the woman said, 'I feel like I'm dreaming'

Let me tell you, this is not the first case of gifting a car. Rather, a person had gifted a car to a man in Alabama city earlier, because he walked 32 kilometers daily and came to the office.

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