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7200 people infected with HIV in Afghanistan: WHO


According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 7 in Afghanistan, People are infected with HIV. On World AIDS Day on Sunday, WHO called for a more comprehensive public awareness campaign to deal with the issue in Afghanistan. But the Afghan Public Health Ministry said that it has registered only 2, 883 cases of HIV in the country. Deputy Minister of Public Health Fida Mohammad Paikan said, “According to our data, 2, 883 cases of HIV are registered in the country. World Health 7, 200 cases stated by the organization are only estimates. ”

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Regarding the causes of the outbreak of the virus, Packan said, “The Ministry of Public Health reported last year of HIV 183 cases were registered and this year the figure has come down 150 is left. But to know the exact number of people suffering from this disease, we need to do a holistic study. ” However, the victims have complained of social discrimination. Mohammed Idris, who was infected with HIV when he came in contact with infected injections, told Tolo News, “We can't tell our disease and people, so we are having a lot of problems.”

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Another patient of HIV, Omar said, “If we go to the hospital and tell the doctors That if we are suffering from HIV, AIDS, they do not treat us. “

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