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82-year-old woman sneaks into the house, rescues sixes, first hit the table and then …

82 साल की महिला ने घर में घुसे चोर के छुड़ा दिए छक्के, पहले मारा टेबल और फिर...

82 Willie Murphy of the Year Teaches the Thief a Lifelong Lesson

New Delhi:

We all know that most thieves target the homes of elderly people more because it becomes easier for them to steal but We are talking about a woman, no thief can steal her in her house. Actually, we are talking about 82 living in the city of Rochester, New York. Willie Murphy of the year. This incident happened last Thursday when Murphy was going to sleep in his room at night, when a thief broke the door of his house and entered inside.

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Speaking to CNN , Murphy said, '' In the middle of the night, when I was alone in the house, a thief broke into the dark house and entered the house, but I knew that I could face him. According to the information, Murphy taught the thief a lesson from the belongings of the house and prevented him from stealing.

He said, “I lifted the table and started moving towards it and think whether that table was broken”. After killing the thief several times from the broken part of the table, Murphy jumped on it 2 to 3 times and quickly brought the baby shampoo bottle from the kitchen. Then he put the shampoo on his face. Murphy then hit the thief with a broom and began to drive him out of the house. Let me tell you, Murphy herself is a bodybuilder and weight lifter but still she could not get her out of the house.

Ms. Murphy standing shoulder to shoulder with Genesee Section Officers after an intruder attempted to break into her home. Ms. Murphy is tough as nails & fended off the intruder. Ms. Murphy standing with some of the officers that responded to her home.

– Rochester NY Police (@RochesterNYPD) November 25, 2019

He said, “That from home I wanted to go out and I was helping him but it was too heavy. I could not lift her ''. He told, “Police came to the house on time and caught the thief. He was already lying on the floor because I had hit him hard. The thief has been admitted to the hospital after the incident.

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