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America's first state where BAN tobacco and cigarettes

अमेरिका का पहला राज्य, जहां BAN हुआ तंबाकू और सिगरेट

Massachusetts is the first US state to ban scented tobacco

New York:

Massachusetts became the first US state to do so by banning scented tobacco. Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill to ban scented tobacco and nicotine vaping products, including menthol cigarettes, and made them legally effective.

According to Eff News , The law will seek to reduce the use and attractiveness of flavored tobacco which is becoming popular among the youth.

Menthol cigarette on June 1 2020 since and flavored vaping Legislation prohibiting the immediate effect on selling and using products has been praised by anti-smoking groups.

In the past few months, other US states, including Michigan, Montana, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Washington have temporarily banned sale of vaping products for some time.

But now it has been banned completely in Massachusetts. S has become the first US state to do so.

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