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Amid the speech in Parliament, MP proposed to his girlfriend, took out the ring and said – will you marry me?


Strange stories happen during the Parliament session. Sometimes when someone looks busy with their mobile, then someone's eye gets noticed, but even this is a step ahead of the Parliament House abroad. During the session of Parliament not only in India but also abroad, funny sentences occur. Like it happened during the session in Parliament in Italy. The Finance Minister of Italy was giving a speech on the earthquake in Parliament, but in the middle he said such a thing, after hearing that every person present there had to laugh.

According to the report of Daily Mail , this Italian MP proposed his girlfriend for marriage during the ongoing debate in Parliament. Not only did he express his love by speaking, but he reached the Parliament with a ring, showing that he said, 'Elisa, will you marry me?'

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See in the video how MP proposed girlfriend …

This 33 MP of Italy is named Flavio di Muro, who is in Parliament (Sal were talking about the damage caused by earthquakes in some areas of Italy. He was speaking in his speech, 'All the members of this Parliament are busy every day in some national emergency. But because of this work we forget about those who care for us, disrespect their love. But today is a very special day for me. '

Soon after, Flavio takes out a ring from under the table and says to his girlfriend,' Elisa, will you marry me? '

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Parliament hearing all this All the people in the house start clapping loudly, with the sitting members embracing them.

According to the Daily Mail, Flavio's girlfriend replied yes to him after watching this video.

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