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#ChairCallenge of TikTok went viral, people said only “women can do this”, see video

TikTok का #ChairCallenge हुआ वायरल, लोगों ने कहा सिर्फ ''महिलाएं कर सकती हैं ऐसा'', देखें Video

Many people are doing this challenge on social media.

New Delhi:

A #ChairChallenge is becoming quite viral on TikTok. Some people say that in this way only women can lift the chair. According to the viral video, to complete this challenge, first you have to stand at a distance of 3 feet from the wall, then bend in such a way that your head touches the wall. After this you have to hold a chair and stand upright.

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On Twitter, many people have shared their videos while completing this challenge. Some people said that only women can do this challenge.

Watch video here :

Tried the tik tok chair challenge cause i thought it was fake …… # TikTok # ChairChallenge

– Izzy Sam (@ SamTwizzy5) November 20, 2019

Right there A user looking at these videos wrote, “How is this something new?” We used to do this in school and now I am 46 . ''

How is this “New thing” we did this in elementary school PE and I'm 46 @ # ChairChallenge

– LNS (@alwaysrj) December 1, 2019

Another user wrote, “My husband could not do this challenge.”

My hubby legit couldn't do the chair challenge

– L iana K (@lianakey 21)) December 3, 2019

Another user shared her husband's video and wrote, “My husband can do this”.

# ChairChallenge my husband can do it.

– Mikayla (@mikaylamaaaarie) December 1, 2019

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