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Friend sold 10 million game character for 40 thousand, man filed case in court and then

10 करोड़ के गेम के कैरेक्टर को दोस्त ने 40 हजार में बेचा, शख्स ने कोर्ट में दर्ज किया मामला और फिर

The man spent 10 crore on the character of Justice Online.

New Delhi:

In today's time, video games have become an important part of people's lives. Not only this, now people can earn money by playing video games and can also earn a degree in it. Recently, a man in China sued his friend for selling the character of his video game. According to the Independent report, a man named Lu Mou, who lives in China, has served Justice Online (Justice Approximate 10 crore to create and customize a character of online) Were spent.

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Actually, Lu Mou (his friend Li Moscheng) Li Mouscheng) to play this game, but while returning the game, Li Moschang made a big mistake due to laziness. Lee Moscheng was feeling lethargic due to too much game play and while returning the game, Li Moscheng put the game on the in-game marketplace NetEase (NetEase) 40 Listed in thousand rupees.

After this, Lu Mou sued his friend and the case in court Arrived. After knowing the full case in Hongya County Court of Sichuan Province, the judge ruled that the character of the game should be returned to its owner. Also, the person who bought this character as penalty 90, 000 Yuan (Rs. 9 Lakh) to be paid. The court has also warned people to play more video games.

Let us tell you, China has recently passed a new law in view of increasing addiction among people regarding online gaming. Under this 16 children under the age of the day

Cannot play online video games for more than minutes.

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