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iPhone designer quit Apple job after 30 years, starts new company

iPhone के डिज़ाइनर ने 30 साल बाद छोड़ी Apple की नौकरी, शुरू की नई कंपनी

Sir Johnny Ive said goodbye to Apple


The iPhone and iMac you are using today, its designer i.e. Apple ) Chief design officer Sir Johnny Ive (Jony Ive) has formally said goodbye to Apple. You will no longer see the biography with his photo on Apple's Leadership page.

Ive of British origin with Apple 30 have worked for years. He announced his exit in June, as well as laying the foundation for an independent design firm, 'Love From', whose most prestigious clientele would include Apple.

Apple CEO Team Cook once said, “Ive is the most respected person in the design world. 1998 Apple They have contributed a lot in reviving. In the field of iPhone and iMac 'S contribution has been unprecedented. “

Ive Apple Co-founder was a close friend of Steve Jobs, whom he considered a 'soulmate'.

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