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Namaji went to the Masjid wearing a shoe of 1 lakh, when he came out and saw the senses flew, the matter reached the police station

1 लाख का जूता पहन मस्जिद गया था नमाजी, बाहर आकर देखा तो उड़े होश, मामला पहुंचा पुलिस स्टेशन

Namaji's shoe stolen from the mosque of Lahore


In a unique robbery of its kind, a thief has given a pair of namaji from a mosque in Lahore. Stole the shoe. The case of theft of the shoes reached the police as the shoe was worth one lakh rupees. Police said that Sheeraj Bashir, a resident of Defense area of ​​Lahore, had gone to offer prayers in the evening in a mosque located near Gangaram Hospital (Namaz of Maghrib). His shoe was stolen from there, which is worth one lakh rupees.

Sheeraj has pleaded with the police in a complaint lodged in the city's Civil Line police station that he was thief with the help of CCTV And hold him back. Police has said that necessary action is being taken under the law.

Another news of shoes from Pakistan was in the church. Actually, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was preparing to wear sandals made of snake leather. But his desire could not be fulfilled, because the sandal maker was arrested by the police.

This sandal worth forty thousand rupees was to be presented to PM Imran Khan on Eid. Snake skin came from America to make them.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan will not have the desire to wear snake leather sandals on Eid!

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