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Nearly 2.3 lakh Indians are waiting for green card in America

अमेरिका में ग्रीन कार्ड के इंतजार में हैं करीब 2.3 लाख भारतीय

Around 2.3 lakh Indians

waiting for family sponsored green card Washington:

2 of India, 27, 000 More people are in the line of getting family sponsored green cards or valid permanent residence permission in the US. This information has been revealed in the newly released official figures.

For the time being, family sponsored green card is almost Lakh people are in the waiting list, whereas the Congress has just 2, 2130272 every year. , 000 to issue such cards Permitted.

Highest included in the waiting list 15 Lacquer people are from the neighboring country Mexico in the south of America. India is second on the number 2, 27, 000 People are in the queue. China is at number three in this case, whose 1, 80,

People are vying to get a family sponsored green card.

Most of the waiting list people who want to get these cards are siblings of American citizens. Under current law, US citizens can sponsor their family members and blood relatives for green cards or permanent lawful residence.

President Donald Trump is against such a provision and he It is called a sequential immigration that he wants to end. At the same time, the opposition Democratic Party is strongly opposing the scrapping of the family sponsored immigration system.

Family sponsored green card 8, other than lakh applicants 27, 000 People Waiting Approval of Permanent Legitimate Residence Is on the list. People of India are also involved in large numbers among them.

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अमेरिका में ग्रीन कार्ड के इंतजार में हैं करीब 2.3 लाख भारतीय replacing card

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