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Rare white rhinoceros born in Chidiya home became a matter of discussion

च‍िड़‍िया घर में पैदा हुआ दुर्लभ सफेद गैंडा, बना चर्चा का विषय

According to Xu, the newborn unicorn is completely healthy

New Delhi:

A rare southern white rhino was born in a Belgian zoo. is. This information was released by the zoo itself on Monday. Let us know that every effort is being made to save this extinct species. The Parry Daza Zoo in Belgium issued a statement saying, “A male rhinoceros has been born on Monday morning. Both Madiba (female) and her baby are healthy.”

Lundi passé (25 nov), un bébé rhinocéros blanc du Sud est né à Pairi Daiza! Cet adorable petit mâle et sa maman se portent bien. Voici les premières images!

– Pairi Daiza (@pairidaiza) December 2, 2019

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Please tell approximately 18 Thousands of southern white rhinoceros are in the forests but due to predators this species is in a state of extinction. A rhinoceros is killed every eight hours. Significantly, the northern white rhinoceros, another species of rhinoceros which is the world's second largest animal found on the ground, is in greater danger as only two rhinoceros of this species are left. Actually the two northern white rhinoceros left are both females. Therefore, there is a need to preserve their genes or start artificial breeding programs in time.

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Significantly this year In July, a southern white rhinoceros in San Diego started using artificial insemination A. was born The zoo has described this technique as effective. Let us know that another female Ellie is undergoing gestation in the Belgian Zoo. It is expected that by the end of this year she will give birth to a child. The zoo said that these two have been natural pregnancies. Ellie already has a child named Naan Seethenba who was born in 2016 and was born in Europe. Has been sent to the zoo in the Spanish city of Malaga under the captive breeding program of

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