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The woman whom she was raising as a cat turned out to be a wild animal, see PICS

बिल्ली समझ कर जिसे पाल रही थी महिला वो निकला जंगली जानवर, देखें PICS

The woman whom she brought up turned out to be a wild animal

New Delhi:

Many people are fond of raising dogs and cats and for this they are often on the roadside. Canned dogs and kittens are abandoned. Similarly, recently a woman took a wild animal as a kitten. In fact, Florencia Lobo, a woman living in Argentina, found two kittens on the side of the road and took them both to her home to save their lives. However, only 1 of the two survived and Florencia began to raise her.

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One day Florencia took her pet cat Tito to the vet. Here she came to know that the cat she is raising is not a common cat. It is a jaguarundi puma found mainly in North and South America and is a wild animal. According to the Daily Mail report, Florencia Lobo felt that Tito is a normal cat but one day her Injury to the leg and Florencia decided to show him to the vet.

To treat Tito's injury to the leg, he treated her to a nearby vet Took her to where she came to know that Tito is not a normal cat species. After this Florencia went to many vet to find out the truth and finally an animal expert told her about Tito's species.

However, instead of being sad after the truth came out, Florencia gave Puma to the Argentine Animal Rescue Foundation. There he will be given the necessary medical facilities and after that he will be left in the forest. The Foundation has also shared many photos of Tito on its Facebook page.

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