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To prevent theft in your house, thieves gave these tips

आपके घर में चोरी न हो इसके लिए चोरों ने ही दिए ये Tips

The thieves have suggested to save the houses themselves.

New Delhi:

We all have many such precious things in our homes which the thieves Can steal Often you will get information about the theft incident in someone's house. In such a situation, it is very important to know how to protect your houses from thieves. So on some thieves share their experiences and tips for people to keep their homes safe Have given.

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According to a report by , thieves say that people fail to keep their homes safe and hence thieves steal It is easy to do. Many thieves have commented and given their suggestions on the question asked about saving homes on Reddit. The suggestions given by the thieves are as follows:

1. In today's time, LED lights are very cheap. “If you are going out somewhere for a few days, then you can install smart lighting system in your homes. With this, the lights will burn in different parts of the house from time to time. (Eg in the kitchen at dinner, in the bedroom at bedtime, etc.).

2. “Don't keep out your valuables, which no one can easily see without entering your house.” If you buy a new TV or computer, do not keep its box near the dustbin, but break it completely ''.

3. Look for some other place to keep the keys of your house and do not place them under the doormat, in the plant pot or above the door of the house.

4. If you want, you can keep your small valuables in a place where thieves do not even think to look. For example, a Fire Extinguisher

5. Also lock your house shed because if you leave the main gate closed and leave the shed open, the thief can easily enter from there and carry out the theft.

6. Remember to close the windows of the house. It happens many times that people leave the windows of their houses in a hurry and because of this, thieves easily enter.

7. Do not talk too much to any salesman about yourself or your home.

8. You can also lay a trap to protect your valuables from thieves. For this, you can put a lot of cheap jewelry which is expensive to look, in any good place in a box where the attention of the thief goes easily. Even if a thief comes after doing this, he will quickly run away with the jewelry and will not find anything in the rest of the house.

9. No small safe is safe for keeping valuables if two people can pick it up easily. So keep your valuables in a big safe, which 2,3 people cannot carry.

10. If any valuable item is kept in your car, do not leave it empty. By doing this, thieves can easily steal your things.

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