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Toilets not working at NASA's Space Center, Astronauts advised to wear diapers

नासा के स्पेस सेंटर में नहीं काम कर रहे Toilets, एस्ट्रोनॉट्स को डायपर पहनने की दी गई सलाह

Both toilets spoiled at the International Space Station.

New Delhi:

It is very difficult to stay in the International Space Station (ISS) because our body has a lot in zero gravity Changes come. It is very difficult to do the normal work done on earth in zero gravity and one has to go to the toilet. Actually, not a single toilet is working in the International Space Station.

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According to the Russian agency Roscosmos, the ISS has only 2 toilets. Both are made by Russia. One of them is in the US section and the other is in the Russian section. However, one of them is full to the brim and due to this its use has been stopped. This means that the Astronaut present in the ISS now has only one toilet but that too has deteriorated.

According to the report of India TV , due to this problem, Astronaut was either wearing diapers all the time. Or they can use the toilet in the Soyuz spaceship which is docked by ISS. However, the toilet was recovered after some time. RossCosmos said in its second update that the toilet that had stopped working, needed to replace its separator and it has now been fixed and is now working properly again.

How toilets work in zero gravity

If you are wondering how toilets work in the IAS, then let me tell you that there are two outlets for both – number one and number two. Both these outlets are fitted with suction fans which pull the vest and throw it straight out, so that they do not rotate inside the IAS.

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