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Trump signs Hong Kong bill, China threatens retaliation

ट्रंप ने किए हांगकांग विधेयक पर हस्ताक्षर, चीन ने दी जवाबी कार्रवाई की धमकी

Trump signed pro-democracy bill in Hong Kong


US President Donald Trump signed a bill supporting democracy and human rights in Hong Kong .

Under this bill, it is proposed to impose restrictions on officials who violate the human rights of supporters of democracy in Hong Kong. The bill has been passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the US Parliament.

In support of this bill in the House of Representatives 417 Voted and just one in protest. This bill was unanimously passed in the Senate.

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019 is an amendment of the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act 1992.

Trump said in a statement, “I respect the Chinese President Xi and the people of Hong Kong and I am signing this bill.” While Trump announced in this week's launch Were that he signed this bill Will not.

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