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Video: The person solicited 3 Rubik Puzzle while juggling, people asked on Twitter – “What is this magic”?

Video: शख्स ने जगलिंग करते हुए सॉल्व किए 3 Rubik Puzzle, ट्विटर पर लोगों ने पूछा- ''यह कैसा जादू है''?

In the viral video, a person is seen soliciting 3 Rubik Cube Puzzles.

New Delhi:

A video on social media is quite viral What is happening, you will not trust your eyes even after seeing it. Actually, this video has been shared on Twitter, in which a person is solving three Rubik Cubes while juggling. People like this video have been shared by the user named Theo on Twitter. This video is becoming quite viral and it has seen more than 7.4 million users so far.

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At the beginning of the video, the man shows three rubic cubes to the camera. After this, he juggles the three and starts to solve them. As the video progresses, the person solves all three cubes with juggling. Watch the video for yourself:

All other rubik's cube achievements are canceled (

– Theo (@CucumberTonic) November 28, 2019

This video has been seen by many people and has also made comments. However, some people liked this video a lot, while some have also raised questions on this video and many have also told it to be fake.

Someone is on his right helping him swap out the cubes.

– Skywalker (@realLarrySky) November 29, 2019

That's a juggling achievement … not a Rubik's Cube achievement.

(Pay attention to his right hand, which keeps reaching off-screen)

– Sean The Producer (@SeanTheProducr) November 30, 2019

@ mybadluckcharm the only way I've ever completed a Rubik's cube is when I peeled all the stickers off and stuck them back on

– phil spiderman (@_bheth) November 29, 2019

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